The Old Cream Shop – EX33 1LZ

8 Hobbs Hill

EX33 1LZ

Current Rating Value
Current Rating Value
Last Checked: 2018-09-12

Rating Stats

  • Hygiene: 5
  • Structural: 5
  • Management: 5

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Last Update: July 30 2020 03:33:49.

    0.02 miles away

    12 Hobbs Hill, Croyde, Devon, EX33 1LZ


    0.03 miles away

    14 Hobbs Hill, Croyde, Devon, EX33 1LZ

  3. Blue Groove ltd

    0.04 miles away

    2 Hobbs Hill, Croyde, Devon, EX33 1LZ

  4. Manor House Inn

    0.22 miles away

    39 St. Marys Road, Croyde, Devon, EX33 1PG

  5. Croyde Bay Holiday Resort (UNISON)

    0.44 miles away

    Croyde Bay Holiday Resort (UNISON), Croyde Bay, Devon, EX33 1QB

  6. The Saunton Sands Hotel

    0.86 miles away

    Saunton Sands Hotel, Devon, EX33 1LQ

  7. The Kings Arms

    1.35 miles away

    Kings Arms, Devon, EX33 1JJ

  8. The Rock Inn

    1.50 miles away

    Rock Inn, Rock Hill, Devon, EX33 1JW

  9. The Jube

    2.98 miles away

    South Street, Devon, EX34 7BB

  10. The Captains Table

    2.99 miles away

    7 Gwendoline Terrace, West Road, Devon, EX34 7BW

  11. The Red Barn

    3.03 miles away

    The Red Barn, Devon, EX34 7DF

  12. Funder Island

    3.03 miles away

    Putting Green, Pleasure Lawns, Barton Road, Devon, EX34 7BA

  13. Wild Thyme Juice Cafe

    3.05 miles away

    5 Caen Field Shopping Centre, Devon, EX33 1EE

  14. Bar Electric

    3.05 miles away

    Bar Electric, Beach Road, Devon, EX34 7BP

  15. The Black Horse

    3.11 miles away

    The Black Horse, 34 Church Street, Devon, EX33 2EL

  16. The Siam Bistro

    3.12 miles away

    2 Cross Tree Centre, Caen Street, Devon, EX33 1AA

  17. The Agricultural Inn

    3.14 miles away

    25 East Street, Devon, EX33 2EA

  18. At One Dining

    3.14 miles away

    1-3, Caen Street, Devon, EX33 1AA

  19. The Worx

    3.17 miles away

    8 The Square, Devon, EX33 2JD

  20. The George Inn

    3.18 miles away

    Exeter Road, Devon, EX33 2JJ

  21. SQ Bar and Restaurant

    3.19 miles away

    Exeter Road, Devon, EX33 2JT

  22. Squires Fish Restaurant

    3.24 miles away

    Squires Fish Restaurant, Exeter Road, Devon, EX33 2jl

  23. The Quay Cafe

    3.36 miles away

    Unit 4, Velator Industrial Estate, Velator, Devon, EX33 2DX

  24. Woolacombe Bay Holiday Village Ltd

    3.41 miles away

    Woolacombe Bay Holiday Village, Sandy Lane, Devon, EX34 7AH

  25. The Old Mill

    3.56 miles away

    The Old Mill, Ossaborough, Devon, EX34 7HJ

  26. Golden Coast Sporting Villas Ltd

    3.59 miles away

    Golden Coast Sporting Villas Ltd, Station Road, Devon, EX34 7HW

  27. Williams Arms

    3.81 miles away

    Williams Arms, Wrafton, Devon, EX33 2DE

  28. Twitchen Park

    3.81 miles away

    Twitchen Park, Old Station Road, Devon, EX34 7ES

  29. The Smugglers Rest

    3.91 miles away

    The Smugglers Rest, North Morte Road, Devon, EX34 7DR

  30. Easewell Barn Cafe & Takeaway

    4.15 miles away

    Easewell Farm Campsite, Morthoe Station Road, EX34 7EH

  31. Trimstone Manor House Country House Hotel

    4.36 miles away

    Trimstone Manor House, West Down, Devon, EX34 8NR

  32. The Waterside

    4.86 miles away

    Waterside Cafe, Chivenor Business Park, Devon, EX31 4AY

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